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Samboat is an open online platform for those who are looking for a boat rental and those who also want to rent their boat. Since its inception, Samboat now offers more than 40,000 rental boats available for rent and others.

Samboat is an open line to rent a boat

Samboat's list of boats is available in its online catalogue. There are new boats coming into play and new open destinations. The site offers motorboat or sailboat. To differentiate them, it is the Skipper side, because a sailboat is rented with a skipper and in groups. The novelty is the entry of Maif, an insurance company that is Samboat's partner.

Motor boat rental

In this category, we have motor boats, semi-rigid boats, yachts and barges. We also have the rental alone, with skipper or with guide. Your approach will be to see the perfect type of boat for this destination. You cannot rent a boat of more than 6 HP without a license, unless you are sailing off-shore. In this second case, you will spend a few minutes of training and you will have a temporary boat license, just for the few days of rental. You cannot rent a boat of more than 6 HP without a license, unless you are sailing off-shore. Normally, a pleasure boat requires a certified skipper.

For the rental of sailing boats

We have the Catamaran and the sailboats; they are rigid boats and the skipper of which is mandatory. You also need a crew to operate a sailboat, and it's a perfect boat for a long cruise. These are boats that are open to all the most popular destinations at the moment. We have sailboats to sail on Arcachon, Marseille, Hyères, La Rochelle, Corsica, Croatia, and the Balearics.

For the brand of rental boats, the list is visible on the site and at first sight, they are boats less than thirty years of service, and well controlled.

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